Friday, August 3, 2012

My Last Negative Rant, I Promise (at least for the foreseeable future)

I know I was rough on the Spider-man movie. Sorry. I'll try to be more upbeat...after this.

The Hobbit will be out this December, and Peter Jackson with New Line Cinema have just announced that it will now be a 3-parter.
I should be excited, but I'm scratching my head.
The Lord of the Rings trilogy were the very definition of epic, and The Hobbit was meant to be a nice, fun prequel to "warm-up" to the world of Middle-Earth (I don't know if that was ever Tolkien's intention, but that's how it feels in retrospect). Of all Tolkien's works, The Hobbit is my favorite, just for that reason; a wonderfully succinct story that succeeded in creating an entire world in less than 300 pages. Not many High Fantasy novels can claim that distinction. Then why must it be dragged out into 3 complete films?
I grumbled a little when they told us it would be 2 parts, but now it will cost me between $25 and $30 to see this book brought to the screen.
And I'm not going for it.
Yep, instead of now feeling like they needed 2 movies to do the book justice and be true to the subject matter (which was okay), it now feels like they want to pump the paying public for every dollar they can. They crossed the line from honoring a great literary writer and his work to pure commercialism.
Don't misunderstand me - I hope it's great, I hope it's true to the book. But now I will wait for the DVD release so I can watch the whole thing at once. My family will probably disown me.

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