Tuesday, September 2, 2014

But 'The End' is Never That

Efforts are underway to get 'Familiar' published. It's a long process and can get discouraging, but sometimes tiny glimmers show up to keep the hope alive. The novel got a wonderful comment from KJ Alexander at HarperCollins' Authonomy website:

     "This is an excellent book. Easy to read but eloquent. I loved the poetry which was beautifully written. For a fantasy world everything made sense without needing lengthy explanations. Lorgun was a nice blend of tough guy who's seen the worst but still has a sweet child-like innocence."

The business side of writing can be draining, but comments like this make us remember why we do it in the first place - to invite people to share our wonderfully realized worlds, and perhaps give them a new perspective on their own.

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