Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God may have done it in six days - mine's taking a little longer...

Done what in six days? What am I blathering about? World-building, of course. It may have started on earth, but when you write Fantasy, strange things happen along the way. Sometimes I feel like I'm in control of creation, but other times the world takes on a life of its own and we just have to try and hang on for dear life...Such is the case with my current project - Mortar & Pestle and the Nightmare Plague, a middle grade novel in which a brother and sister, Jarick and Janthine Grimes, must confront deadly forces on a bi-polar world. Split-personality earth? Well, their world has a north and south pole, so I guess bi-polar is accurate...but no! I have given it a split personality (poor thing), and no fun for the people living on it! To find out what's going on there, I will have a link put up soon for you to check out, and I will post more about the book's publishing as new updates come in. Thanks!


  1. Hi Steve!
    Very cool from a design perspective...
    mysterious background with all the hinges and bolts, combined with the graphics for the potion bottles! I'm hooked! But don't give too much of that story away....;)See you soon! Have you and Mr. Yates ever thought of getting together to write a couple of novellas?

  2. LOVE THE SITE. Really, a nice effort. Of course, now I cannot have a site of my own. There is no way I can do anything to compare to this.