Graphic Novels

I currently have three ideas in the works - Tempesttt, The Cognitives and Under the Bed.

  This will be a graphic novel set in 1924 about a young woman, Tempest MacKenna, who seeks revenge against a cult for killing her younger sister, but is unaware of just how dangerous and deadly the path is about to become...

It’s 1924. Countries are struggling to recover from a devastating World War, and now a new, more sinister war is about to begin. Uneasy rumors are being whispered about the emergence of shadowy cults engaged in performing human sacrifices to their gods. While dark sects have always existed on the fringes of civilization, there’s a difference with this latest incarnation; they’ve actually managed to bring their gods to earth.
But rumors aren’t enough to dissuade Tempest MacKenna, a young Scottish woman whose sister is killed by one of the cults. With a Russian revolver in one hand and her father’s saber in the other, she vows vengeance against the cultists. However, a group of holy men believe she may have a larger, prophetic part to play in the rising darkness. A prophecy speaks of one who must confront each monstrous god and obtain a piece of them, though it would mean certain death at their hands. Convincing Tempest that she’s the one spoken of is no easy task. The priests partner her with Jeremy, a monk assigned to find a way to restore her to life each time through the use of ancient relics. Together, they recruit Moranda, a brash, fast-living smuggler uniquely skilled to get people into any inhospitable place on earth, whether by steamship, airship or automobile.
But they soon find out that the four gods have come to earth merely to prepare the way for a greater evil entity - the Beast of the Apocrypha, who will subjugate mankind and plunge the world into a new hellish reality. Time is short, and they’ve yet to discover how the four pieces can put a stop to the coming nightmare.

If you are an artist and looking for an opportunity to get into the comic industry, or an established comic artist and see a vision for bringing this story to visual life, please contact me!

In a Steampunk Victorian England, a trio of automatons (a butler named Percy, a nanny named Anna-Bell and errand-bot named RocoV) attains self-awareness from a programming glitch. Unwilling to continue their existence as owned property, they band together and become fugitives. When they witness the dangers of a brutal city around them, they decide that, since they are immune to pain or death, they are ideally designed to confront the criminal elements. Disguising their robotic natures with capes, cloaks, top hats and bowlers, they begin their campaign against injustice. Only when a young orphaned girl named Mazie gets caught in the crossfire and nearly dies do the automatons realize the gravity of their endeavor. No hospital will take the destitute child in, so they decide to try and save the ten year-old girl the only way they know how. They repair the damage, transforming her into a half-mechanized creation. Her newly-integrated weapons and gadgets make her one of the most lethal members of the group. Plus, having a human on their side to interact with society for them could be quite useful - until she disappears.

A megalomaniacal entrepreneur has been kidnapping orphans for his horrific scheme; he his transplanting their brains into mechanical bodies to build an unstoppable mercenary army, available to the highest-bidding country. When the robots finally catch up with Mazie and learn about the man’s twisted goals, they vow to put an end to it. But what can a butler, nanny, errand-bot and orphan girl do against such a ruthless power?
Under The Bed
Two friends, trying to get through a boring summer vacation, discover an extra-dimensional portal to a thousand different realms right under one of their beds. This should make the summer just a tad more interesting - if they can survive.